FAQs and Policies

frequently asked questions - GENERAL

What happens when we arrive?
You will need to arrive at the Newport Marina by 7:45 am. On arrival we will introduce you to the vessel's facilities and help you aboard. After some brief paper work, we begin the safety briefing. We set course for Tangalooma at 08:00am.
What about Coronavirus?
We comply with all government requirements in relation to coronavirus. After each trip the vessel undergoes a significant detail which includes general disinfecting all areas. In the event a restriction is in place for your booking, you will be able to change the dates without any penalty to another time within the next 12-months where the vessel is not already booked. This applies even if last minute restrictions take place.
What should we bring?
You should bring the usual things that you would take to a hotel stay the beach. This includes, towels, sunscreen, hats, cameras etc. You should also bring some dry clothes for the trip home. If you have an underwater camera like a GoPro, you should bring that too.

If you choose to undertake self-guided snorkelling you should bring your own equipment. We suggest you also bring fins as part of your snorkelling equipment. Fins will make swimming around the wrecks much easier.

You might also consider bringing beer, wine or champagne to enjoy as well.
What if I get sea sick or don't know if I will?
You should of course always follow the advice of your medical professional and instructions on any medicine. Our advice here is general advice only based on our experience. 

If you are not used to boating and sailing, we strongly recommend taking some form of motion sickness tablet, not less than 30 minutes before you board the vessel. 

We have found the important thing is that you need to take the motion sickness tablet before motion sickness becomes an issue. Once you begin to feel unwell, it's often too late. We recommend something from a pharmacy like kwells or travacalm.

You should always follow the advice of your medical professional and the direction on any medication.
What if I don't swim?
No problem. There is much to do without even getting wet. You are welcome to just enjoy the scenery from the comfort of our vessel when we arrive if you choose. Sit back, relax and just enjoy the scenery. You can also enjoy beach walks, bush walks, or visit the huge sandhills.
How many people can we take?
The vessel is certified with AMSA. We limit our charters to 4 passengers so that you have an exclusive experience. Also on board, will be your Skipper and sometimes additional crew to ensure we take great care of you.

frequently asked questions - IMPORTANT INFORMATION

What if we need to cancel?
Once a booking has been made, it is not refundable, but you can change the dates at any time up to 5 days prior to your booking. The change of dates must be within 12-months of the original booking.

If you cancel within four days of the booking you will forfeit your booking fee in full. This is because we have likely turned away other guest for that day and already incurred costs to prepare for your charter.

In other words, we will provide you with a credit for up to 12-months so long as you cancel earlier than 5-days prior to the scheduled booking.
Can we bring our own alcohol?
You can bring your own alcohol. We always encourage responsible drinking on our vessel.
What if the weather isn't great or the vessel becomes unserviceable?
Moreton Bay has consistently good sailing conditions year round, so it's most likely that the weather will be fine for your booking. In the event we determine that the conditions are not suitable, we may suggest a different anchorage for the day, or we may suggest that we change the booking date. 

A date change is usually done a few days out, as we monitor the forecast in advance of your day. If we do this, its for your safety and ensuring you enjoy your day, the booking fee is not refundable, we simply change the booking dates to an agreed alternative date. 

The same policy applies in the unlikely event that the vessel is unserviceable. That is, we will reschedule your booking to another mutually agreeable date.
Can I change my booking?
You can change your booking dates at anytime up until four days prior to the booking date. To change your booking dates just email us at info@moretonbay.net. The date must be available and within 12-months from the originally planned booking date.
Can we swim and snorkel at Tangalooma? (Self-guided Activities)
You are welcome to bring your own snorkelling equipment if you choose to conduct self-guided activities upon arrival at Tangalooma. Most people swim in the waters just off the Tangalooma Beach. The beach is usually unpatrolled by lifeguards (except for about eight weeks of the year over the summer holidays). If you would like to snorkel or swim at the Tangalooma Wrecks, upon arrival at Tangalooma, the skipper will drop you at the closest part of the beach to the wrecks using our inflatable tender after anchoring. 

It is about a 100m swim to the wrecks from the beach. The wrecks are spread over about 400m (North - South orientation as shown in the gallery photos). If you can, the best time to snorkel is at low tide or high tide when the current is not as strong. Our skipper will provide advice about tides on the day. You are welcome to wear one of our life jackets if you chose to snorkel the wrecks. 

Whilst there is often a group of fellow snorkelers and swimmers, you should be mindful of the risks in this natural marine park. The key risks may include strong currents when the tide is running, the distance to swim, sharp barnacles and the sharp structure of the wrecks, boat traffic (i.e., other boats), and marine wildlife. The depth at the wrecks varies considerably, you should anticipate not being able to touch the bottom. Always swim with others, pay attention to your surroundings, children should never be left unattended, do not swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Importantly, any activity undertaken by any passenger, that is not explicitly onboard our vessel ‘Misty Jean’ is entirely done at their own discretion and acceptance of the risks as a self-guided activity. Self-guided activities are not under the control or responsibility of our charter operation. No liability is accepted for self-guided activities. By boarding the vessel at Newport all persons agree to limit our responsibility and liability in this way.
What are the terms of Insurance and liability?
Moreton Bay Yacht Charter has commercial vessel insurance, which includes third party insurance and injury insurance. Our liability and hence insurance, will cover you whilst you are physically onboard the vessel 'Misty Jean' only. 

Activities you choose to undertake away from our vessel are not covered by insurance and are undertaken as private self-guided activities. 

By boarding the vessel at Newport, you agree to limit our liability according to these terms and the policies specified on our website from time to time. We recommend you consider appropriate travel or other personal insurances. It is an obligation of the hirer to provide this important information to other passengers (their guests) in advance of first boarding the vessel. Each passenger will be asked to acknowledge important information upon boarding.
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