If you haven't selected the option for MBBC to provide you with food and beverage provisioning. You need to start planning how much, what and where you will buy your provisions.

Coles Redcliffe is located near by.

Complete Crew registration

After making your booking our team will email you a link for 'crew registration'. Please complete this as soon as you get it. It lists who will be the skipper and the names of all passengers.


Anchorages and tracks

We have three pre-planned trip routes which we strongly suggest people consider. These make the best use of your time available. If you are not using a pre-planned trip pack, please notify us during the crew registration process.


 Check-In is at 7am where your safety induction will commence. by Lunch time you set sail. 

A security deposit of $5,000 is taken on arrival and returned to your card not more than three days after check-out.

You should be at your first anchorage, secured by 4pm.

frequently asked questions

What should we bring?
You should bring the things you might normally bring to a five star resort. Things like; suncream, hats, sunglasses, cameras.
How do I pay the security deposit?
Upon check-in you will need to provide a $5,000 security deposit on a credit card.
How do I change my booking dates?
Simply contact and ask to change your booking dates. You need to be more than fours day from check-in. You must reschedule for within 12-months from the original check-in date. The vessel must not be booked already for those dates.
How do I monitor the weather forecast?
We recommend and reviewing the Moreton Bay forecast - Available | HERE |
What happens on arrival
You need to check-in at 7am sharp. It is important that you are on time because you will need to arrive, get settled and complete the four hour safety induction training before setting sale. You must be anchored not later than 4pm, so you need to leave the marina by 12:00 noon.
What happens on check-out
You must be back at the marina and vacated your belongings by 3pm on the final day of hire. Our staff will meet you at a prearranged time on the final day to help you.